Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lich King - World Gone Dead

Modern Thrash Done Right

Simply put, World Gone Dead by Lich King is without exaggeration one of the best examples of the new wave of thrash. This third effort by the Massachusetts-based outfit might not be all that original looking back at the golden age of thrash, but with World Gone Dead Lich King have achieved something notable. Not only did they unleash a real storm of riffing brutality in the vein of early Kreator, Exodus, and Vio-lence, but they also managed to do a few other very important things.
First of all, there is a sense of variation throughout the album: blazing-fast riffs change mid-paced riffs, choruses are properly emphasized, breakdowns are thrown in for slower headbanging as well as some real thrashing soloing. Even something rare in the genre these days as memorable vocal performance finds its place on this album. Second, variation spreads to the inter-song level, and while listening to World Gone Dead, one will hear separate compositions in different tempos, not just a sequence of riffs, all played 200 mph. "Grindwheel" is an example of a whole song being played in slow speed and still sounding thrashing heavy. Third, Lich King have finally managed to create a beefy and clear enough sound to project their aggression appropriately.

Full of memorable songs and addictive hooks, World Gone Dead is a real treat for any thrasher. In fact, "ED-209" features one of the most addictive riffs ever created. Intrigued? You know what to do then.

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  1. Ah, little random bands who turn out to be awesome :)