Monday, November 14, 2011

Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor

Serious music

The words that keep coming back to me when I try to describe Nevermore's sixth album are "serious music." Be it vocals, music itself or the lyrics, everything projects a very non-trivial and profound character. And indeed this whole piece of art screams “Something is really wrong with our world.” Look at the grey album cover art with the little girl, suspicious look in her face. Take some of the lyrics:

The media loves the latest tragic suicide
They exploit it, then package it and profit from the people who die
Look at the world, look at the hell, look at the hate that we've made
Look at the final product, a world in slow decay


Why do we live this way?
Why do we have to say
The things that subvert the minds of youth?

Very straight-forward and clear those lyrics are, and it is good that some people speak about the condition humanity finds itself in. Warell Dane’s customary emotional utterances combined with angry half-growls work well to convey those apocalyptic desperate messages. Then think of the music, which not only kills but also completes the whole picture resulting in a very thematic release and one of the most consistent ever. The guitar work is in the heart of This Godless Endeavor (just like any other Nevermore album), and it is pretty much flawless. There is everything here: complex rhythms, acoustic guitars, technical skill, catchy hooks, and unbelievable soloing. One will also hear a lot of variety, with different tempos and approaches being used to support the vocals or create instrumental bridges: through fast, shred-like riffs and arpeggiated passages or just simple chord progressions, but sometimes also dissonant note sequences.

The main thing is that the music, lyrics, and vocals work together and complement each other to create an eerie atmosphere and project that serious mood, which not only makes one stop and contemplate a little about life, but also thoroughly admire ­– not just have fun with – the powerful artistic expression and musical accomplishment, which Nevermore has crafted with This Godless Endeavor.

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