Friday, December 2, 2011

Black Sabbath - Paranoid & Master of Reality

Good Wine Gets Better with Age...

I have always thought that good music transcends time, that it will always be relevant and sound original. It will always be something one will want to come back to, and that is what I have confirmed once more while listening to two Black Sabbath classics Paranoid and Master of Reality. How does it work that the albums that we consider the harbingers of heavy metal still manage to impress today?

The answer is simple. These albums are not some half-cooked, deficient version of heavy metal that would be perfected by later generations. No, the music that Black Sabbath were making in the early 70’s is perfectly self-sufficient and complete on its own, not to mention, brilliant. So what makes it brilliant even today?

Again, the answer is simple: many smart rocking compositions, but incredibly catchy music that still has that rock n’ roll feel to it, heartfelt bluesy solos, and interesting mellow pieces like “Solitude” and “Planet Caravan.” What actually makes Black Sabbath stand out from other 70’s bands is that they were actually heavy: distorted guitars, a very audible bass, not so generic drumming, and… Ozzy. Ozzy’s wails, whether aggressive or subdued, add lots of new character to Black Sabbath’s sound and some sort of uniqueness if you wish.

All the music put out on Paranoid and Master of Reality is interesting to listen to: the songs are varied and each has its own idea, presentation, and catch. There we have it: great songwriting, great musicians, and unique approach – the win combo that always works. Enjoy!